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Tarot Readings, Kundalini Healing, QHHT & Feng Shui 
With Breanne

Hi and welcome to my website! 


I live in Langley B.C Canada and have been working with the Tarot and Healing for over 5 years!

I work with clients all over the world and if you're interested in a reading, please contact me and I'd love to hear from you!



Through my tarot readings I can help you look into:


  • Love, Soulmates & Twin Flame Relationships 

  • Career & Business

  • Personal Forecasts 

  • Health and Wellness

  • Tarot Healing

Reiki & Vibrational Healing Available NO


I work directly with the Kundalini Intelligence to help your body elevate its vibrational state to a much higher level to detoxify viruses, bacteria, pathogens and other blockages on a physical, mental, and emotional level.


Bio-Well is an innovative lifestyle analysis tool.

Look at your lifestyle through the prism of energy.


Bio-Well Scans NOW Available!

Bio-Well camera is a revolutionary device that analyses the mental and physical health in a very simple way. 

Get your Scan Today!

(Must be available for an in person session, Langley BC)

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Feng Shui

I am certified in Classical Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui. I am very passionate about the traditional Feng ​Shui methods and I am excited to be able to empower and help ​clients with balancing and harmonizing their environment ​with real classical Feng Shui to better optimize ​their wealth, health and relationships.

Reiki & Vibrational Healing Available NO



I am currently a Level 1 Intern in QHHT.

QHHT® was created and refined by Dolores Cannon during her 45-year career as a registered hypnotherapist.

Through hypnotic regression, I will work with the client and to contact the client’s Higher Self and get answers to questions about their life purpose, work, family/other relationships, or health issues.

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Ana Jukic

I've had 2 readings done by Breanne and I will definitely be back for more. 

She is so detailed, thorough and compassionate in her delivery and it truly ​felt like listening to a dear friend giving me advice and guidance.

She accurately saw so many aspects in my two situations that I didn't even ​remember to mention when I booked the reading and she navigates ​through each with precision and valuable information.

She helped me understand everything better and I've listened/watched ​her readings twice so far and got something more after each viewing as my ​own perspective expanded.

I wholeheartedly recommend her work to everyone looking for a sweet, ​compassionate reading done with grace and engagement. It felt so caring ​and kind to be on the receiving end of her gift. Thank you so much and I look forward to more!

Sashi Prakash

Breanne is so amazing! I had a wonderful reading from her. Her calm healing tone sets the stage for anyone in pain or in a rut and needs help.

Her delivery is so great listen to and her positive advice and tips were very valuable for me to change for the better. She was spot on with various things in my life, I was quite impressed. She is divinely connected and has an angelic energy about her. I have listened to her reading over and over for motivation and switching my energy about things to being more empowered and believing in myself. Thank you so much Breanne!!!

Jackie Palmer

Breanne is lovely and skilled at her craft. Prior to ​working together, I didn't realize that Feng Shui ​should be an annual consideration, as each year ​brings new energies into the home. Breanne drew ​my attention to 3 bad energetic issues and gave ​clear solutions to reduce their negative impact on ​my finances and health. My home has a wonderful ​'money corner' and is very conducive to growing ​my business, Her report also included highlights of ​the best features of my home and suggestions to ​enhance these positive effects. I'm delighted to ​know that my bedroom is conducive to romance ​and travel, which has certainly held true! I believe ​knowing this information has my home ​energetically working toward my highest potential, ​rather than hindering my progress. Thank you, ​Breanne!


My reading with Breanne was wonderful! Breanne was so sweet and intuitive. I could feel the love and compassion as she delivered her reading to me. And she was "Bang on!" I resonated with everything she said. Next, I am looking forward to booking a Feng Shui session with her to make my newly renovated home feel even more special! Thanks Breanne!


My experience with Breanne was fabulous! I did tarot reading with her and asked quite of a delicate question. She did a bespoke reading for me and recorded it. The recording was more than 30 minutes long. The reading addresses my question fully. She also gave additional suggestions of useful frequencies to use. The reading was so accurate, it was impressive. She read my energy and my husband's energy very well. She navigated the reading with knowledge and conveyed the message from The Spirit with finesse. I wholeheartedly recommend Breanne and will continue having tarot readings with her.


Thank you so much for the tarot reading.It has helped me a lot to get clearance and also trust. I've been very burdened about a situation , but now I feel hope . You've also seen things, you couldn't know about, so, I am sure, you're really connected and able to see from a higher view. You're a gentle and bright shinning person. All my gratitude and love !

Marcia De Costa

Bre has really helped me understand what ​energies lay within my home. She gave me ​really easy ways to cure or activate certain ​sectors. She was easy to work with and really ​responsive to all my questions.


I am blown away by your generosity.   You have gone above and ​beyond with your precious time to deliver more information to me ​and thats gold❣️  I really appreciate the extended & the entire ​reading as it has given me courage that I've got a wonderful new ​beginning to look forward to after this inevitable chapter.   I ​cannot thank you enough Breanne and look forward to being in ​touch with you In the near future.  Best wishes and blessings to ​you.

Daniel Milmore

Wow! I am very grateful for you to ​take the time to send me a video. ​When I woke up i knew you had done ​the healing since my shoulder blades ​discomfort was gone.

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