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 Full Moon Manifestation Amplifier Moon Spray. (4oz) (July 5th Moon Water)


This Body & Room Spray will contain a Cinnamon Stick, Charged Crystals, Frankincense + Clary Sage Essential Oil, & Charged Moon Water.  


This July 5th Full Moon is a powerful alignment of energies that occurs when the number 7 align in a sequence, amplifying our emotions and manifesations.

This moon water contains a increased energetic state that assists with opening up  windows of opportunity for us to manifest our deepest intentions and aspirations.


*Moon water is also charged with RAYD8® REGEN technology & Charged during the Live Sound Bowl Meditation on July 7th @7am.

Manifestation Amplifier Moon Spray Infused w/ Frankincense & Sage Essential Oil

  • All sales are Final. 

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